Movie Synopsis:

 Foreclosure is inevitable for the Decker family. As they prepare to sell their farm, Kirk Decker stumbles on an old family treasure hunt. He and his gang of friends set off on the treasure hunt, hoping that the treasure will be enough to save the farm.

The Decker’s greedy neighbor, Mr. Clay, wants their farm so he can turn it into a subdivision. Mr. Clay sends his grandson Michael after the kids to stop them from getting any possible treasure. When the treasure hunt backfires, and all seems lost, can Kirk learn to trust God and find that only in surrender there is victory?

     A year and a half in the making, After the Knight is the work of a homeschool family, with the help of over seventy friends. Using a small Canon HV30 video camera and a boom mic created from a paint roller with extension, the cast and crew created a fun romp with an eternal moral. Making props literally minutes before they were needed, scouting locations in the morning for shooting in the afternoon, the cast and crew learned that God does work all things for the good of those that love Him and are called according to His purpose.


Runner Films and The Outpost Academy